API or white-labeled product

medicare and obamacare

plan recommender



Whether or not you are a licensed agent, we can help provide products that secure your members’ health and financial security and ultimately drive loyalty.

  • Offer new ways to engage with your membership

  • Promote loyalty and build relationships with your members

  • Create another distribution channel for your affiliation’s products

Our product allows you to share in revenue while providing a key tool for your members to get on the right Medicare or Obamacare plan.

More people are shopping for health insurance online than ever before, and that number only continues to grow. Trusty’s decision support tools empower you to meet consumers where they live online, on their terms – working with them to find the best solution, educating them along the way, and eliminating barriers to conversion.


Product feature

  • Quoting and rating for Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare plans

  • Plan lifecycle management

  • Data reporting

  • Claims & complaints

  • Defined workflows for agents and brokers

Implementation options

  • Customer facing Integration

  • Backend Integration

  • Broker Integration

  • SDK Reference

Technical Integration options

  • Single Sign On


  • API

  • White label


  • Required privacy disclosures

  • Required terms disclosures

  • Personalized Medicare and Obamacare health plan recommender tied to our digital Managing General Agency (MGA) licensed to sell health insurance products.


tracking & adherence

Medicare Optimizer



Trusty’s drug optimizer software empowers your members to drive down drug costs.

It easily integrates with your enrollment experience and member portal to show members plan coverage, OTC and Rx alternatives. We go beyond just generics; it’s also about therapeutic alternatives.


  • Identify adherence barriers

  • Identify cost savings



  • Drug interaction risks and alerts

  • Therapy duplication monitor (taking more than one drug that does the same thing)

  • Therapy gaps (ie, people with diabetes are recommended to also take cholesterol medication, etc)

  • Integrate with GoodRX, create system to auto file coupon info to go towards deductible.

  • Generic vs. name brand; name brand vs. name brand

  • Adverse Effects

  • Preferred Pharmacy

  • Generic equivalents: made with the same ingredients at the same dose as the brand drug. Expect the same results as with the brand drug.

  • Generic alternatives: work like brand drugs or other generic drugs in the same class of medicines. The ingredients are different than the brand drug or generic equivalent. Overall, results may be somewhat different

  • Brand drugs

  • Over-the-counter drugs

  • Different dosing regimens

  • Different pharmacies, including mail order

    Data sharing requirements:

    Must connect their MyMedicare.gov account/Blue Button


our comprehensive solution

Health & Wealth Monitor



Medicare Monitor detailed analysis of a user's medications can help us fill gaps in preventative care, give more tailored plan recommendations, make better projections of long term health risks and costs.

Families struggle with how to understand and prioritize health and financial benefits, leaving them unprepared for challenges.  Trusty.care’s Monitor offers unbiased recommendations to reduce financial and emotional stress while improving education and confidence.



  • Lower cost Rx options

  • Hospital admittance/ discharge planning

  • Exercise nudges

  • Identify barriers to care and develop interventions to obtain care

  • Locate in-network doctors

  • Plan recommendation

  • Medication optimization