Our value proposition

Trusty.care is developing a product by which both consumers and other healthcare stakeholders can benefit from Medicare consumers obtaining full coverage. The more users that Trusty.care is able to reach, the better educated the consumer on which plan best fits their needs and allows them to use their healthcare coverage to maintain good health, manage chronic illness, access goods and services the support independence for an aging person, and prevent future health complications. 

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The right coverage results in better health outcomes

Trusty.care delivers a streamlined process to help Medicare subscribers verify their Medicare plan is the best one for them, including Medicare Part D, to assure they have access to the medications they need. This creates value for the Medicare subscriber by maximizing their ability to use their coverage towards the best health outcomes while creating value for providers and pharmaceutical companies by ensuring the Medicare subscribers are able to access and use the drugs they need to treat their health conditions.

Streamline REIMBURSEMENTs & payments

Trusty.care’s platform serves end-users, while also benefiting health service providers and pharma companies, creating transparency around selecting the best plan for the user, and reducing mistakes that prevent Medicare users from using their insurance, or that could create delays which cost the consumer and the healthcare provider money.

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intelligent partnerships

Trusty.care reaches healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies by scaling its Plan D program, increasing the number of Medicare users subscribed to Plan D, while assuring the users are on the right plan and able to make best and sufficient use of their insurance coverage.