Getting old is not simple. All of a sudden there are all these things you are supposed to be doing. Your kids are worried about you…or they aren’t! At 65 you may still be in great shape, but the inevitable means that you are going to face health issues at some point.

So here is the straight talk. Most people try to avoid thinking about all of this, and the result is that there is very little left to leave to your kids or take care of yourself as you get older.

Trusty Explore solves that. We are creating an ever growing set of tools that will help you make decisions and not get screwed because you didn’t know that the doctor at the hospital that is in-network is actually out-of-network and all of the sudden you have a massive bill.

We are just getting started and want to hear every annoying thing you have faced with healthcare. Lay it on us and we will try to find a solution. For now, we bring you, Trusty Explore.