Enroll on time and maximize your coverage. 

Managing healthcare costs can be overwhelming. You go to an in-network hospital, but get a bill for an out-of-network doctor at that hospital. You are on a medication and suddenly the price shoots up. 

We make sure that you are not doing this alone. Our team is there to help you appeal bills, figure out which doctor takes your Medicare plan and to just have your back. From your initial enrollment in Medicare, to hospital stays, to managing medications. 

Are your medications costing too much?

We first do an audit to make sure you are on the right plan. 

Secondly, we work directly hand in hand with your doctor to file your paperwork with the particular pharmaceutical company that manufactures your medication.

We will do the ongoing work and status checks to ensure the pharmaceutical company received your application and they are being processed in a timely manner.


A complete solution for seniors


Get Medicare

1m people are paying lifetime penalties for missing their deadlines. We help your transition from private insurance to Medicare to be as smooth as possible

Manage costs

75% of people on Medicare would save on their drug costs if they had clear information. We will help you find the plan that best covers you.

Reduce stress

It is not always smooth sailing once you get Medicare. We will help you appeal if your medications are denied coverage.


What is the first time you are eligible to sign up for Medicare?


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 Download the 2018 handbook

Download the 2018 handbook

Medicare & You

Medicare should send you a printed copy of the Medicare & You Handbook in late September of each year, unless you have chosen to have the handbook delivered electronically. Your handbook should include information about the Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans available in your service area. We have created this section of our website to provide information about Medicare in general based on the "Medicare and You Handbook - A Guide to Medicare". As reference, the following links can be used to download the national version of the Medicare & You Handbook -- this version is not service area specific.

Remember that you can order a printed copy of the Medicare & You handbook by calling 1-800-633-4227 (1-800-MEDICARE). TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.