Retirement planning & financial institutions


Banks, insurers, and financial advisors are team members charged with optimizing their customers’ finances while protecting their downsides at all times. 

Millions of Americans turn to financial planners, banks, and other financial institutions for unbiased, data-driven financial guidance.  At last, these institutions can provide guidance and support around Medicare planning for older members, helping them reduce their risk of out of rising, unpredictable healthcare costs and key health decisions like choosing Medicare and related insurance products. 

Trusty has developed a collaborative, data-driven state-of-the-art toolkit to help your customers and clients manage their healthcare programs and costs. 

As customers age, the likelihood a healthcare mistake or calamity will undo all the good hard work you and a client have done over multiple decades to protect their financial future. reports that many seniors will file bankruptcy each year as a consequence of unexpected or surprisingly uncovered healthcare costs. Trusty puts your fiduciary in the coaches’ box to eliminate or minimize client mistakes when it comes to healthcare finance choices.

Our founders boast a decade of experience in elder care and insurance, big data and artificial intelligence.  We’ve built a system we can integrate into almost any financial service provider’s website. Our expert call center and back office tech teams handle every detail, question, and recommendation.

  • Our technology integration is very simple into your member’s user experience.

  • We manage all compliance, privacy and storage of data.

  • We are the only unbiased resource for Medicare advice on the market. 

  • Easy for your consumers to save today on their healthcare

  • No banking or health information unduly shared.