Managing Medicare made easy. 

Improving the transition from private insurance to Medicare, so seniors can get access to the medications they need and the doctors they love. delivers a streamlined process for bill appeal, creating value for the Medicare subscriber by rapidly resolving billing questions and assuring providers rapid payment and a significant shortening of the claims process


Bill appeal, claims, and pre-authorizations.

We deliver a streamlined, automated platform to simplify the process to appeal a bill, file a claim or get a pre-authorization for your Medicare patients. Our product plugs into most EMR systems. 


Easy ways to reduce Medicare denials:

Inaccurate patient information

  • Check spelling of name

  • Check the patient's birthdate and sex/gender

  • Is the correct insurance payer entered?

  • Is the policy number valid?

  • Does the claim require a group number to be entered?

  • Did you verify the drug benefits of the patient?

  • Is the patient relationship status to the insured accurate?

  • Does the diagnosis code correspond with the procedure performed?

  • Does the procedure code for the service that was performed match the authorization obtained?

Accurate insurance information

  1. Members coverage terminated or not eligible for this date of service

  2. Services not authorized

  3. Services not covered by plan benefits

  4. Maximum benefits met