Trusty's Plan Recommender software connects your members to the Medicare plan that covers their medications, doctors, and specific health needs at the lowest out-of-pocket cost. It’s tied to our digital Managing General Agency (MGA) license and this may allow you to share in brokerage revenue while providing an essential service to your members.



Trusty’s Drug Cost Saver software empowers your members to drive down drug costs. It easily integrates with your enrollment experience and member portal to show members plan coverage, OTC and Rx alternatives. We go beyond just generics; it’s also about therapeutic alternatives.


Using AI to personalize healthcare recommendations

Trusty uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help seniors select, manage, and monitor Medicare and Rx drug plans.  Our users can connect their Medicare claims data for a comprehensive, detailed look at their health insurance and care costs. We track medication and healthcare costs and deductibles, understand the true “all in” costs of the best options available, and can explore personalized long- and short-term health spending estimates.



Our power tool suite is integrated into your bank’s website as a free, no-obligation, highly-valued customer service enhancement, “powered by Trusty” and branded by you.

Our rich database of more than 35,000 different Medicare plans, more than 60,000 pharmacies, and more than 10,000 prescription drugs and their prices is updated continuously in the background, so your customers are always seeing the latest data, readily available and constantly refreshed.

Revenue opportunities abound for our financial services provider partners offering our unbiased planning services to their members and Trusty shares that revenue with its partners. Our agents are your agents, using advanced technology to answer the phone and send emails using your organization’s name if desired for added impact and credibility.