Trusty.care Listed on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Website
New York, NY

Launched last year, Trusty.care offers free tools intended to help Medicare beneficiaries reduce healthcare costs while maximizing coverage of prescription drugs, preferred pharmacies or favorite providers through their enrolled plans. Trusty Choice is available without cost through https://app.trusty.care.

The tool is now integrated with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Blue Button 2.0 helping to simplify the Medicare plan comparison process.  CMS has already listed Trusty.care on a short list of tools (https://www.medicare.gov/manage-your-health/medicares-blue-button-blue-button-20/find-plans) approved to integrate with Blue Button 2.0.  

Once a user agrees to share their information, Blue Button data automatically populates beneficiary information about plans, providers and prescription drugs used in calculating personalized plan comparisons and recommendations, significantly reducing the need for further data input by the user.  As a result, beneficiaries can quickly use the tool to compare traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medigap packages based on their individual Medicare data and their own goals or preferences.

In addition, CMS has listed Trusty.care on its page of recommendations for beneficiaries to organize and share medical information (https://www.medicare.gov/manage-your-health/medicares-blue-button-blue-button-20/organize-share-your-medical-information-claims).  


Trusty.care is the first senior-focused data-driven platform designed to reduce unnecessary health care costs using predictive analytics.

Trusty.care's platform mitigates the risk of incurring unnecessary healthcare costs for Medicare beneficiaries, helps them save on medications and care, and ensures they are set up to maximize the benefits they are eligible for.

The first product on the market assists Medicare beneficiaries by identifying their projected out-of-pocket costs for the following year based upon their current healthcare status and medications. Using this data, it chooses the best plan from a cost and coverage perspective.

"Our mission is that no Senior should go through bankruptcy because of healthcare costs," says Trusty.care CEO Joseph Schneier.


Julie Kennedy