What is Medicare?

Medicare is insurance you get when you turn 65 or when you retire.*

It was built over multiple administrations, so I think you can guess what that means. It is a bunch of different things that work together to get you full-coverage.

Only 80% of medical bills are covered with Medicare Part A & B

  • Medicare A is free for most people.

  • Medicare B is paid through your social security benefits.

  • These two parts do not cover medications. 

This leads to your Big Decision—

How to cover those gaps In coverage?

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  • Part C, also known as Advantage, covers the 20% gap in coverage and your medications

  • Many plans also cover dental and vision.

  • The plans often are more like a HMO so you can’t just go to any doctor, they have to be in-network.

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Part D, also known as Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), your medications are covered with this.

Medigap, also known as Supplemental, covers the 20% gap in coverage and sometimes your Part B premium

The plans are accepted by almost any provider that accepts insurance so if you live half the year in Florida and half the year in New York, you should get this package.


*If you are receiving SSI you may receive Medicare before you are 65.