Extend the value of your services to your boomer and older adult customers with our Medicare price and quality transparency solution


Older households in the U.S. face the risk of catastrophic medical expenditures during retirement. Controlling these cost can be very complicated for individuals. If you have a large boomer and older adult customer base you can integrate our benefits navigation and price transparency tools and reduce this risk and provide increased strategic value to your customers.

“How much will my medications cost? Are my doctors in network?”

“In my experience with Trusty.care, it has been exactly as its name implies, care you can trust. They helped me find the best Medicare plan, and how to wend my way through the confusing process of analyzing all the Medicare plans that are presented.”

—Ann, Trusty.care user


Trusty & Medicare Blue Button

Trusty’s application has been reviewed by the Medicare Blue Button team.


Who we aren’t

We are not a law firm or a financial advisor firm.

We are not Medicare.gov or Social Security.

We do not give medical advice.

Who we are

We help support organizations by allowing them to integrate our data driven tools to help their members:

  • Stay informed about price changes in medication costs

  • Know ahead of time which doctor takes your insurance

  • Find ways to save time and money, without compromising quality

  • Purchase the best-for-you Medicare plan

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