Who is trusty for?


You want to help your members get the most out of life. And when your members feel secure, they can focus on the things in life that matter to them. If you help them achieve that, their loyalty grows even deeper. With Trusty, you’ll have the resources you need to support their health and financial well-being.

  • Credit Unions & Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) - member based organizations that want to enhance their service offerings

  • Technology startups - core business isn’t insurance but it is a natural adjacency they should monetize

  • Insurtech startups - core business isn’t Medicare, Obamacare, or Medicaid markets but it is an area that would add value to your users

  • Brokers & Agents - digitally enhance your sales through our online plan recommender

  • Reinsurers & insurance carriers- receive key insights into the health of your block of business

  • Providers - improve care coordination by understanding the risk of non-compliance and by directing patients to affordable prescriptions and in-network doctors

  • Specialty pharmacies & Pharma manufacturing hubs - understand the risk of non-adherence and help a beneficiary to remain adherent

  • Payors - improve HEDIS scores on specific measures related to medication adherence and compliance

  • Senior housing & elder care services - keep your members more financially stable and healthier


What we do

financial stability is directly tied to your health & wellness

trusty.care develops tools that help people to control their health care costs and navigate the health care system with ease.

Save time & money

We develop products and widgets that help consumers of health save money and time on healthcare. Enterprises can purchase access to our APIs to integrate within their products or can purchase a license to our white-labeled platform.

Guide care

We develop product that help consumers of health identify their healthcare goals and achieve them.

  • Educate customers about risk areas for out of pocket healthcare costs to empower them towards long-term financial wellness

  • Suggest specific steps to decrease out of pocket health care costs and improve financials outcomes

  • Initiate automated actions to help the customer stick with the plan and meet their financial objectives

  • Provide ongoing feedback and realign actions with goals

provide insights

We are able to give you clear insights into the health and well-being of your customers or of the boomer population.



We power. You shine. Once we go live, all UX can take place in your brand. We stay in the background powering your program.


Step 1: structure our relationship

We collaborate to determine which insurance products and business model fits the strategic needs of your company

step 2: Determine which products best suit your needs

Create your tailored insurance and benefits product - Choose which insurance products best meet the needs of your customer base

step 3: integrate & launch

Integrate with us for optimal user experience - Integrate your front end experience with our plan recommender and benefits management API driven tools

Our broker team supports your business by processing all health plan signups