simplifying the most vexing health & insurance decisions

Easy to implement power tools for the most convoluted Medicare issues like Rx cost savings and plan recommendations


Healthcare navigation is not for the faint of heart

Figuring out how to reduce your medication costs, choose the right insurance plan, or to plan a procedure is incredibly complicated and frustrating. The result of this lack of clarity is that people make choices that have an adverse effect on their health and finances. Until now.

No American should go through bankruptcy because of healthcare costs.


we make navigating medicare easier for your members and customers

Trusty’s insurance navigation and healthcare products work right out of the box, with powerful features that personalize healthcare, reduce costs, and help people navigate Medicare. Our easy-to-use Medicare management power tool kit learns from each user’s particular health situation and what their health goals are and serve up accurate suggestions on things like: where to pick up your medications or which Medicare plan to purchase.

In fact, the more users tell us, the smarter we get—about each personalized recommendation.


Easy to implement

Our product integrates into your organization’s website as a member or attendee service “powered by Trusty” and is branded by you.

harnessing artificial intelligence

Our AI driven product contains 35,000 different Medicare plans, more than 60,000 pharmacies, and over 10,000 prescription drugs and their prices is updated continuously in the background, so data provided to an organization’s members is the latest available and constantly refreshed.

Increase your revenue

Revenue opportunities abound for Trusty partner organizations choosing to offer unbiased sales and enrollment services to their members.  Trusty shares that revenue with its partners generously, and that share an offset all or much of the modest cost of the Trusty platform.



Power tools for the most vexing Medicare issues like Rx cost savings and plan recommendations



The Plan Recommender Tool identifies the optimum Medicare insurance plan based upon a user's individual medications, preferred doctors, and lowest out-of-pocket costs. 



The Monitor monitors for changes in coverage, benefits, and medication prices for your users, then tells users how to take action. 



Value/Rx Management/Prevention nudges users with timely health-related reminders. Our engine reviews claims data in real time and checks against previous claims. We generate alerts that prompt users to save money and to take an action to improve healthcare compliance. Our alerts engine learns and improves over time as members use it.