Medicare has never been this simple

Eligibility - Timing - Medicare A & Medicare B


What do you need to consider when getting Medicare? 


Step 1: Enroll at the right time

The first step is to know what you are eligible for and which plan will best suit your life. We will walk you through the questions that contribute to knowing what you are eligible for and when is the best time to get it. 

Step 2: Get the right type of coverage

There are two big decisions here that will affect the type of care you should get. 

Step 3: Understand how to use Medicare

After you get Medicare, you need to be able to efficiently use it. Don't waste time on the phone managing bill disputes, figuring out which doctor takes your plan, or when to change your plan based on changes in your health or finances. 



Don't get stuck with penalties & fees

Medicare doesn't have to be complicated. 




eligibility & timing


bill dispute, appeals, medication management


avoid penalties


Not sure where to start? 

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Medicare has never been this simple

Get the right coverage,

at a price you can afford.  


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