What is Trusty?

Trusty is an application that allows people 65+ to save money on Medicare—from enrollment, to finding doctors, to making sure you get every benefit you are eligible for. Our first product, TrustyBlue, is designed to check which Medicare plan is the best for them based on price, out of pocket costs, rating, and also based on who you are. Our products are different because we will give you completely unbiased information based on up-to-date data, not generalized information.

How do I create an account?

You can set up an account by clicking here. It’s totally free, and will only take a moment. Once you are set up you can check in just a few minutes which plan to get. You will be asked which prescription drugs you take. We ask because we want the answers to be personalized for you.

Is Trusty Free?

Our enrollment applications will always be free. We want you set up on the right foot from the start.

We will be adding features down the road that will be add-ons that may be paid features. You will not ever be locked out of the enrollment feature if you don’t upgrade.

Why do I need a MyMedicare.gov account?

We know, the government is not always easy to deal with, but, we do recommend getting a MyMedicare.gov account so that you can get easier access to all of your health care data.


How does Trusty keep my health care information safe?

We take your privacy and data seriously. That is why promise to never sell your personal data. All information transferred to and from Trusty is encrypted through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, among other safeguards. We comply with Medicare and HIPAA guidelines.

How does Trusty get paid?

Trusty does not get paid by insurance companies because want to be completely unbiased. We get paid by partnerships with hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and financial management companies.

I am confused where to start.

Medicare is confusing and we are doing our best to make it clear. That said, sometimes we forget that we know a lot more about this so we may present things in a way that is confusing. Always let us know! We recommend starting with the ‘Getting Started’ tool if you don’t know where to start.

Why do I have to give you all this info?

The more we know about you the more personalized we can make your experience. If we know you got new glasses, we may be able to tell you about things you could do to safety proof your house. If you were in the hospital we can tell you what help you can get at home.