Finds lower cost generics and therapeutic alternatives


  • Drug interaction risks and alerts

  • Therapy duplication monitor (taking more than one drug that does the same thing)

  • Therapy gaps (ie, people with diabetes are recommended to also take cholesterol medication, etc)

  • Integrate with GoodRX, create system to auto file coupon info to go towards deductible.

  • Generic vs. name brand; name brand vs. name brand

  • Adverse Effects

  • Preferred Pharmacy

  • Generic equivalents: made with the same ingredients at the same dose as the brand drug. Expect the same results as with the brand drug.

  • Generic alternatives: work like brand drugs or other generic drugs in the same class of medicines. The ingredients are different than the brand drug or generic equivalent. Overall, results may be somewhat different

  • Brand drugs

  • Over-the-counter drugs

  • Different dosing regimens

  • Different pharmacies, including mail order


    Must connect their MyMedicare.gov account/Blue Button


Monitors for therapy duplications and gaps

Integrates with coupon sites for smart deductible management

Trusty’s drug optimizer software empowers your members to drive down drug costs.

It easily integrates with your enrollment experience and member portal to show members plan coverage, OTC and Rx alternatives. We go beyond just generics; it’s also about therapeutic alternatives.


  • Identify adherence barriers

  • Identify cost savings