Credit unions

iconses-06.jpg builds partnerships with credit unions, providing tools that optimize their members financial well-being.

Retired and Boomer members can benefit from the financial education and services that credit unions provide. Once enrolled in Medicare, individuals may no longer contribute to HSA accounts. A healthy 55-year-old woman will pay $522,827 ($253,594 in today’s dollars) in retirement out-of-pocket healthcare expenses – almost $79,000 more than a male – because she will live two years longer. Looking ahead, because of healthcare inflation and an additional year of life expectancy, a 45-year-old single female will pay 27.5% more ($966,952) in healthcare costs than a male of the same age.  As members age, there is a risk that without proper planning for healthcare coverage and costs, a healthcare management mistake or unexpected diagnosis could undo all the hard work credit union members have done preparing for their future.

Given the consequences of health-related out-of-pocket expenses and medical debt on American families, coupled with the correlation between health and financial well-being, it is crucial that credit unions consider health coverage and planning for their members.

Our founders boast a decade of experience in elder care and insurance, big data, and artificial intelligence.

We share common ground, most notably the desire to have individuals at the center of decision-making, with the design of services and products targeted to meet individual needs.