Who possibly thought this was a good idea?

Most of the when I start to talk to people younger than 65 about Medicare their eyes glaze over. There is a sort of desperate “How can I make this stop?” expression, with one foot edging backwards as they try to gracefully exit the conversation. That is until I start to mention a few things, like for instance, did you know that if you turn 65 while you live abroad that you have 63 days when you return to sign up for Medicare?

Why? At what point in history did someone say, “You know what let’s give them 63 days.” Not 60. 63.

When you peel back a layer deeper, you find that not only is it only 63 days but really you have to have everything filed by then and so really it is closer to 40 days. How does someone possibly know this? I have no idea, but to me everything you need to know about how bizarre the system is, is contained in the number 63.

Two days ago I was speaking at a conference and there was a question and answer period following my talk and a man raised his hand and asked, “What if we get Medicare for All? Won’t your service no longer be relevant?”

I tried to not laugh. I replied, “Listen, the day the government becomes really efficient and transparent is the day you will no longer need Trusty. I am personally not holding my breath.”

What we know is that no matter where the tides turn, people in the US need help navigating this system. They need someone a step ahead of them saying, watch out for the 63 days cliff. There are hundreds of little pitfalls like this one that can lead to you having gaps in your coverage, overpaying, not having enough coverage, getting the wrong plan, etc…

It is this problem that we are trying to solve. How can the average citizen stay on top of ever shifting drug costs? Weird arcane rules? Exceptions to the exceptions?

The answer is they can’t and the result of that is that the average American is essentially crossing their fingers and hoping the plan their friend Dave or wife got is going to work for them. So here is what we have done, we have taken one for the team and gone through and carefully mapped out the regulations.

We have a system that with a few data points from you can accurately tell you, “Get this plan. Make sure not to do x,y,z “ We are obsessed with getting you every benefit you worked hard to get. What keeps us up at night, is coming up with elegant ways to get you the information you need, when you need it.

We look forward to getting to know each of you and making the system work for you.