'Easy' they say. 'Simple' they say. But really?

So I have looked at least 1 million Medicare sites (well, it feels like that) and each of them claim to make Medicare ‘easy’ and then launch into telling you everything there is to know about Medicare. But the reality is that Medicare is not easy. It is a weird Frankenstein of multiple administration’s philosophies on health care. As such, it is relatively incoherent. You have Medicare A, B, C, D and then if that wasn’t enough you have Medigap A, B, C, D, E, F, G…well you get the point. Each of them have multiple names and interact in different ways.

But honestly why do you need to know all of that?

When you buy a plane ticket do you really need to know the class of ticket?

Getting a Medicare plan is as if you went on Orbitz and they said, “Buying a ticket is easy, now let me tell you about oil prices in Kuwait.”

So what I think people need is not some deep dive into Medicare but an answer to their questions:

What kind of coverage is best?

How do I find a doctor?

How do I know if I need to get a referral?

The same questions anyone navigating healthcare in the US asks themselves.

So our promise to you is “as little jargon as possible'“. Whenever we can just tell you in plain English what we mean, then we will.

So just keep in mind, you will need to get Medicare. It doesn’t cover everything so you need some things to cover the gaps. It is like having homeowners insurance and flood insurance and what not. If you need help, contact us…we are here to make Medicare approachable and less of a Byzantine system.