We believe that you deserve transparency & clarity with your health care



Our Mission

Making health care easy to navigate


Our Team


JoSchneier Headshot 2mb.jpg

Joseph Schneier, Founder and CEO

Two exits in EdTech, 10+ years as a recognized leader in digital health and education, founder of Cognotion, Inc., collaborator with behavioral research scientists on drug adherence, addiction and health literacy, TEDMed Hive speaker, Techstars, Winner of 1776, Winner of American Publisher Award, Winner of CODIE, mentor at Cornell, Wharton, Columbia and NYU. Board member of Stonewall LGBT Aging Organization


Gerry Carey, CTO

Web and mobile developer, IBM Watson AI developer with extensive experience in mobile applications for health care. Built large scale applications for the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, Bridgestone, Loews Hotels, Cinematic Health Education, Vivo, and SSIC. 


Donna Murdoch          

Health care Adviser

Doctorate, Adult Education; MS in Gerontology; Head of Learning Innovation at  S & P Global ; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Teachers College & UPenn GSE


Alice Eisenberg            

Customer Experience

Senior recruiter for long-term executive and domestic staff with high-net-worth families including the development of coordinated health care plans


Julie Kennedy         

Financial Advisor

Founder of AMERICA SCORES. She has built a career bringing the private sector to international and  local markets


Alexander Bogomolny

Back-end Engineer

Built health care applications for smoking cessation, tracking alcohol consumption, experience in database development, Technion


Tell us what you need and we will evaluate building it. 

What are you struggling with?


Why are we doing this?

When our CEO's brother got into a car accident, he faced a situation where he had no health care and massive costs. His family spent weeks tracking down what he was eligible for and trying to get simple answers. We don't want that to happen to anyone. 


Our priorities

  • Clarity
  • Affordability
  • Access
  • Accuracy


Q: Isn't Medicare free?

A: Parts of Medicare are free for most people and some of it is taken from Social Security, but the part of Medicare that covers most of your healthcare costs is not free. 

Q: Why is it so important to do this on-time?

A: Over 1m Medicare enrollees are paying a lifetime enrollment penalty averaging 30% more in monthly Part B and Part D because they waited too long to sign up. 

Q: When are you supposed to sign up?

A: There are a number of enrollment periods based on your situation. The most important window is the window around when you turn 65. 

Q: Do I get Medicare through my spouse?

A: Each person gets Medicare for themselves. They are not family plans.