Trusty is working to empower choice, reduce costs, and improve care for the 58m people on Medicare by providing unbiased, automated care navigation for medical, dental and vision benefits throughout the year. Our aim is that every Medicare beneficiary can extend their healthspan and ability to age in place with a support system that is actively improving care navigation through advanced data analytics. Trusty is addressing the financial ramifications of the confusion and opacity in public payer healthcare systems (Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, etc…) by building automated systems for Americans to save money, make informed decisions, and get the care they deserve. Trusty is structuring large disaggregated data sets and applying AI to actively monitor cost savings for individuals. Trusty’s big vision is to make sure that no American goes through bankruptcy because of preventable and unnecessary healthcare costs.

Trusty uses its propriety AI platform to enable consumers to understand the actual out-of-pocket costs of supplemental and Medicare Advantage plans. Today, consumers decide on which of the 35,000 Medicare plans to choose, which pharmacy to use, or which doctor to choose, based on incomplete data that doesn't show them how much they will actually spend. Trusty shows people personalized ways to save money on things like medications by going to the preferred pharmacy, choosing a generic option, or just getting on the right plan to begin with.

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