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Customer expectations for personalized experiences with concrete value are increasing. Customers want the companies they do business with to proactively offer insight and advice that can help them achieve their financial, health, and wellness goals. helps you demonstrate concrete savings, personalize ways to save on filling prescriptions, and help you direct your members to stay in-network for medical services, and shows the right insurance plan for each individual.

How we do it? provides data-driven insurance and benefits management products through APIs or through the white-labeled Trusty platform for each of our distribution partners. In addition, we facilitate regulatory approval for those products, provide guidance and training on the use of our system, provide marketing collateral for your customers. Our proprietary and entirely data driven system is product agnostic and will quote based on the health and preferences of your members. makes it simple for our distribution partners to monetize the insurance and benefits vertical and to gain critical insights into the health and wellness of their customers. We offer a system that is:

  • UI agnostic

  • Contains rich APIs

  • Streamlines integration

Trusty helps consumers achieve their health and financial goals with:

  • Intelligent recommendations

  • Dynamic content

  • Personalized care and financial plans

Who is Trusty for?

Trusty provides timely and useful insights that keep your customers informed and help them stay on top of their financial and health affairs. Using real-time predictive analytics to empower customers, you become the trusted partners to the consumer.

  • Credit Unions & Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) - member based organizations that want to enhance their service offerings

  • Technology startups - core business isn’t health or insurance but it is a natural adjacency they should monetize

  • Insurtech startups - core business isn’t Medicare, Obamacare, or Medicaid markets but it is an area that would add value to your users

  • Brokers & Agents - digitally enhance your sales through our online plan recommender

  • Reinsurers & insurance carriers- receive key insights into the health of your block of business

  • Providers - improve care coordination by understanding the risk of non-compliance and by directing patients to affordable prescriptions and in-network doctors

  • Specialty pharmacies & Pharma manufacturing hubs - understand the risk of non-adherence and help a beneficiary to remain adherent

  • Payors - improve HEDIS scores on specific measures related to medication adherence and compliance

  • Senior housing & elder care services - keep your members more financially stable and healthier


health & benefits navigation tools

Identify your users/members’ health and wealth goals and help them achieve those goals

  • Locate in-network doctors

  • Make informed healthcare decisions based on quality and price

  • Encourage preventative care

  • Purchase the “best” health insurance plan

  • Control your health data

  • Personalized savings alerts

  • My Best Pharmacy to direct members to the single pharmacy where they can achieve best overall savings

  • Access through all digital platforms: Android, Apple, Mobile, PC

  • Care coordination and sharing of patient clinical and medical information between family members

And powerful results:

  • Average customer saving on plan choice of $750/yr.

  • Increased mail order / preferred pharmacy use

  • Increased medication adherence

  • Average customer drug spend reduction of 12%


Gain insights into your customers & members

Add value to your company by better understanding your customer base and through tools that keep them more financially and physically sound. With a Trusty integration you will be able to gain critical insights into your customer base related to their health and wealth.

    • Health risk assessment

    • Medication compliance risk assessment

    • Health of a block of business

    • Determination of social determinants of health

    • Determination of barriers to care

  • Align your business to the current risk/health of your block of business

  • Acquire new members with tools that provide value and leverage the trust of your brand

We want millions of people to use Trusty
— The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services