Connecting Health & Wealth

no american should go through bankruptcy because of healthcare costs


What we do

Extend the value of your services to your older adult customers with our Medicare price & quality transparency solutions.

Trusty provides timely and useful insights that keep your customers informed and help them stay on top of their financial and health affairs. Using real-time predictive analytics to empower customers, you become a trusted partner to your members and customers. provides data-driven insurance and benefits management products through APIs or through the white-labeled Trusty platform for each of our distribution partners. In addition, we facilitate regulatory approval for those products, provide guidance and training on the use of our system, provide marketing collateral for your customers. Our proprietary and entirely data driven system is product agnostic and will quote based on the health and preferences of your members.

Trusty helps consumers achieve their health and financial goals with:

  • Intelligent recommendations

  • Dynamic content

  • Personalized care and financial plans


How we do it


With Trusty, your members connect health insurance claims for an integrated picture of their health and finances. Members track their deductibles, understand the true costs of their various insurance alternatives, and see personalized long-term health spending estimates. 

Our Artificial Intelligence tools analyze your members' health insurance claims in real time, identify gaps in care, and flag risks of overpayment. The simple, intuitive interface helps individuals anticipate and avoid common pitfalls, taking into account their particular circumstances. Members enjoy health and financial peace of mind and credit unions benefit from referral revenue opportunities. 

We enhance our alerts by nudging members to engage in an ongoing conversation with us about the experience with and attitudes toward their health and finances.


Our Platform



The Plan Recommender Tool identifies the optimum Medicare insurance plan based upon a user's individual medications, preferred doctors, and lowest out-of-pocket costs. 



The Dashboard monitors for changes in coverage, benefits, and medication prices for your users, then tells users how to take action. 



Value/Rx Management/Prevention nudges users with timely health-related reminders. Our engine reviews claims data in real time and checks against previous claims. We generate alerts that prompt users to save money and to take an action to improve healthcare compliance. Our alerts engine learns and improves over time as members use it. 


Who is for?


Brokers has developed a robust product to help you to choose the right plan and to provide added value to older adults through our benefits navigation toolkit. 


Credit unions & Financial institutions

The members of credit unions and banks need support in managing their health care costs, navigating their benefits, and making sure that they can stay healthy and independent. powers CUSOs and individual credit unions with technology to support that mission. Our unique product line is designed to integrate within your member’s customer experience or as a stand-alone white labeled platform. 


EldertecH AND SENIOR ORGANIZATIONS demonstrates concrete savings, personalizes ways to save on filling prescriptions, helps users stay in-network for medical services, and shows the right Medicare plan for each individual.